Our guiding principle " In the Absence of Unnecessary Fear and in the Presence of Unconditional Love, All is Possible." Dr. Abeba Fekade


Dr. Abeba Fekade holds a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology and MA in Cognitive Developmental Psychology from Howard University and two undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology from metro State University. She has a wide range of knowledge and academic training in the biological, psychological, and leading-edge energy sciences, and has been teaching in several universities and colleges for over 25 years. She has conducted research at the National Institute for Mental Health, Brain Disorder Branch, St. Elizabeth’s Campus, Washington, DC, investigating, cognitive and memory function in schizophrenic patients. She has been providing trainings and counseling services using integrative healing modality for substance and behavioral use disorders. She holds Master Addiction Counselor and is a certified Neuro Linguistic Program practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner, and auricular acupuncture for addiction treatment as well as certified counselor CSAC, NCAC 1, and Substance Abuse professional SAP.

In addition, Dr. Fekade provides training and workshops to health professionals and educators focusing on the impact of traumatic experiences on health and mental wellbeing; a treatment modality, which is based on a unified field of healing energy- an integrative/tewahedo approaches that allows brain pathways to create an alignment of mind, body and spirit. Dr. Abeba Fekade is the founder and executive director of Healing Education and Research Center (HER-Center).